Shamanic Healing Arts

Come on a soul healing journey...

What is shamanism?
The practice and definition of shamanism varies widely from culture to culture.  Most shamans can navigate the unseen spiritual world to help bring healing to the physical world. Some shamans are trained their whole lifetime to perform healing.  Anastasia trained under the guidance of an Andean shaman and can share healing techniques from this experience. 
Who would benefit from the shamanic arts?
The shamanic arts, as practiced here, are a foundation for healing on a spiritual level.  They can help the individual gain clarity on the soul journey. Restoring health to the spiritual body can assist health in the physical body.  Many mental and health issues can be resolved by understanding the spiritual and karmic levels of disease.  
What happens during a session?
The healing session can utilize techniques such as saging, sound healing, mantra, visualization, and chakra balancing.  The main intent is to open a safe space so the individual can access their inner healing potential.  Each session is totally unique.​
Why should I choose Anastasia for my session?
Anastasia apprenticed for 8 years with Andean shaman Koginka Kamaru Xue, as well as received guidance from the indigenous elders of the Sierra Nevada, South America.  This in-depth and comprehensive training brought a deep awareness of how to recover balance and harmony in nature and with clients.  
Anastasia works in deep alignment with the natural order of Pachamama to instill purity, integrity and harmony in the sessions, which will bring deep healing and serenity to the open-hearted recipient. 

Art: Stephanie Pu Moon Law

Asheville, NC


 This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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