Foundations of Earth Service

One of the most profound acts one can make is to step fully into the circle of life.  
In order to thrive, we must come into positive cooperation with the earth, elements, and all of our relationships. To fully step into the circle of Life one must take responsibility for the life they are creating.  This act is a commitment to harmony and requires attention to the beauty and complexity of the earth which sustains us.  
Life is hardly a bazaar coincidence, and as one pulls away at the veils of distortion stemming from the mind, a beautiful organization can be found.  In this earth eco-system, humans have a definite role which has been neglected to the detriment of many vital resources.  
Ancestral Wisdom includes the primary system for understanding how to function on the Earth in a way that is conducive to the spiritual evolution, it is also a call to develop the inner strength to work as healers and stewards of the spiritual and natural world.
Ancestral Wisdom is evident today within indigenous groups who still live in deep connection and cooperation with the Earth.  Two main points should be considered by anyone who may be looking for healing or wants to serve the earth in a powerful way.
Firstly, are you walking a path that is authentic to your soul?  Many people don't know, or they don't think that they can change.  When one is not stepping into the soul dharma there will be much frustration, depression, anger, and addiction.  Many times a teacher or trusted guide is needed to recover the awareness of our souls mission. 
Secondly, life works in a great unison.  It is a system that requires reciprocity.  We take many things from the Earth, and in this way, the Earth (Divine Mother, Pachamama, ect.. )provides for our life and fuels our dreams, health, and prosperity.  In order for the health of this system to be sustained, we absolutely must give back to nature. 
Ancestral Wisdom offers a direct system of how to find our authentic path and how to give back to nature in a way that heals and regenerates ecosystems. For more information on how to reclaim your courage and spiritual dignity in a way that powerfully heals the natural world, contact Anastasia for classes and events.  Also, please take the time to watch Aluna the Movie and the Heart of the World. Links can be found on my Conscious Films Blog page (scroll down to title).

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