Do you feel that life has more to offer than what you are experiencing? ​
Would you like to discover deeper levels of health and harmony?

Are you ready to change negative patterns?


'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'

Mahatma Gandhi —

Natural Health Protocols

Effective natural support for hundreds of health complaints.  Rejuvenate and heal with guidance for optimal wellness and performance.  Learn how to bring all aspects of your life into balance with a wide variety of health techniques from all over the world.  Nutrition, detoxification, herbal support, and correct use of supplements.  



“I genuinely enjoyed the experience[of our energy healing session]!  Thank you for making me feel safe and comfortable.  I appreciate your wisdom,guidance, and love for my new awakening. I’m both excited and nervous, but I’m positive that with your skills I will not be misguided.”


Holistic Life Coaching

Relationship and lifestyle counseling helps you bring balance and clarity to life.  Overcome toxic patterns, improve communication, empower yourself, and discover your authentic soul journey. These sessions are individually tailored to help you make the changes you need to see success in all areas of your life. 


Healing Sessions

Relaxation and energy healing sessions that allow you to clear negative build-up around the aura, and stimulate the spiritual awakening to facilitate soul awareness. Includes chakra healing, aromatherapy, sound healing and energy clearing.  


9 month Apprenticeship

Find your self-love and inner healing through a 9 month tele-program, geared to teach you how to express your creativity, awaken your spirit, and live in optimal wellness.  We will cover healing chakras, healthy cooking, shamanic soul recovery, organic gardening, yoga, spiritual ecology, and so much more!

Anastasia offers wellness counseling services in a constructive and inspiring manner. Clients gain insight regarding their lifestyle choices within minutes of speaking with her and are eager to make informed changes regarding their health.

Susan G.


My experience working with Anastasia has been very transformational. Her gentle yet empowering approach to training is very effective. She was able to intuitively see my personal needs and offer just the support I was looking for. Her inspiration has allowed me to reach a whole new level of body consciousness.

M. Hollingsworth

Anastasia serves as a Holistic Health Consultant in Complementary 

Alternative Medicine.  She has also trained extensively to understand the spiritual root of emotional and physical disorder. Her education and experience can assist clients in multiple ways.  Firstly, to learn how to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits to achieve greater wellness in life.  Secondly, to work in conjunction with your physician to offer natural therapies for many disorders.  Thirdly, to assist one in their spiritual growth to empower their natural healing ability.  

Asheville, NC


 This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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